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Call us and start to recover your data
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eraseit-loop. data recovery software. Recovery LabsBoth the technology sector in general , such as data recovery in particular, are experiencing rapid advances. As shown are the continued evolution of existing storage devices on the market, the emergence of new media, and steady growth in the volume of information stored in them. Therefore, and in order to evolve in accordance with the requirements of the sector, Recovery Labs invests heavily in R&D, and has since its foundation , with a research and development dedicated department.

The Recovery Labs R&D performs continuous research of new trends and emerging technologies in the data storage and IT security areas in order to develop:

  • Applications and appropriate tools for each of the processes used in our data recovery services , secure deletion and computer expertise.
  • Different types of data recovery software.
  • Software for secure wipe.
  • Tools and high security applications developed ad hoc for different companies and public bodies.

Various agencies and public entities have collaborated with Recovery Labs in software development and other R & D projects : Ministry of Science and Technology, Madrid, Chamber of Commerce, Madrid Development Institute and the National Intelligence Centre.

One of them is RECUA: experimental development of diagnostic solution and recycling storage units , File Number : TSI- 020100-2010-269 which has been funded by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce under the National Plan for Scientific Research, Development and Technological Innovation 2008-2011.

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