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Secure wipe

Our secure wipe service in three easy steps

1. Request a free quote for secure wipe

For information on our secure data erasure service, complete the online form or call us on (0)20 7108 6218. Our specialised personnel will explain the service and provide you with a personalised quote adapted to your requirements, based on:

  • Number and type of devices you need to erase (hard drive, pendrive or USB memory card, flash memory card, RAID system).
  • Overwriting standard you would like to use to erase the data.
  • Whether you wish to destroy the devices at the end of the process or recycle them.

Request your no obligation quote for secure wipe

2. Secure wipe at our facilities.

Once the devices are received in our laboratory (hard drive, pendrive, USB memory card, flash memory card, RAID system), our technicians specialised in secure wipe will proceed to permanently eliminate the data stored on the devices. All files and other information will be permanently eliminated and certified.

The secure wipe service provided by Recovery Labs is carried out using our own proprietary software to offer our clients maximum flexibility.

3. Secure wipe certificate

Finally, Recovery Labs will issue a secure wipe certificate that will describe the entire process in detail including:

  • Information on the storage devices (serial number, make, model and capacity).
  • Erasure standard used (number of overwrites and verification).
  • Date and time data was erased.
  • Results of the secure wipe.

If it is discovered that the devices are physically damaged during the process, making it impossible to erase the data, Recovery Labs offers the option of physically destroying them. In this case, we will issue a recycling certificate for the destroyed devices.

Once the secure wipe service has concluded, you can either choose to have the devices returned to you or if you prefer they can be recycled.

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Why is secure wipe important?

Secure_wipeDue to rapid growth in the development of new hardware and software, the operational lives of personal computers are getting shorter all the time. Before upgrading their equipment, many users try to recover some of their investment by selling the old equipment. This is very common in the business world, where companies rent or lease computer equipment. This allow businesses to have the latest technology at all times and return the old equipment to the lessor. This equipment usually ends up in the hands of companies that specialize in auctioning off the equipment or selling it at liquidation prices.

A study conducted by two students from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) on hard drives that came from Internet auctions and second hand shops revealed that:

  • Of the 158 hard drives acquired, more than 80% worked.
  • Information was recovered from more than 43% of the hard drives.
  • In more than 70% of cases, the information was private or confidential (company HR information, medical data, credit card numbers, email, pornography)
  • Only 7.59% of the hard drives had undergone a secure data erasure process.

In most cases, these devices had been formatted.

Deleting files and even formatting the data storage devices is not enough to guarantee the irreversible erasure of the stored information. At Recovery Labs, we are aware of the risks that information leaks can pose to businesses and individuals, which is why our R+D Department has developed different secure erasure applications that certify that the data on the devices has been securely and irreversibly deleted. These applications meet the rigorous standards of the US Department of Defence.

Choose the highest quality secure data erasure services

Recovery Labs is the first company in Spain to receive ISO 9001:2008 quality certification for our secure wipe service as well as our data recovery and computer forensics services.