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Hard drive recovery

1. Request a free quote to recover your hard drive

At Recovery Labs, we have been recovering data for 20 years and our team of professionals would like to thank you for your business by offering you a 20% discount.

Hard drive recovery
Call us and we will provide you with personalised information for recovering your hard drive and how long it will take. You can also request to have your hard drive picked up free of charge, if you wish.

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Request a quote

Request a quote

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The data recovery process begins on the acceptance date.

In 85.83%* of cases, the recovery process is complete within six business days.

(*) Information updated with data obtained in the first quarter of 2014. Times calculated in business days once the quote has been accepted by the client.


Your device receives priority status and our staff works on it uninterruptedly during working hours until the data recovery process is complete.

In 100%* of cases, the recovery process is complete within 72 hours.

(*) Information updated with data obtained in the first quarter of 2014. Times calculated in business days once the quote has been accepted by the client.

Absolute priority: we work on your device 24 hours a day, 7 days a week until the data is recovered.

The recovery process is completed as quickly as possible, working even on weekend and holiday evenings.

2. Free collection of your hard drive

You can request free collection of your hard drive by calling our customer service number or completing a simple online form.

Online collection request

Collection request

Call us. We can help you.

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Request a quote

Request a quote


It is important to pack your device properly to minimise the risk of damage while being transported to the laboratory.

  • If your hard drive is installed in a desktop computer, remove the damaged device.
  • Carefully wrap the hard drive in static-free material, bubble wrap, foam or similar.
  • Use a rigid box stuffed with cushioning material that is deep enough to protect the hard drive against possible impacts. Place the hard drive in the box and cover with more stuffing material. Make sure the device is securely positioned inside the box to prevent it from shifting during transport.

Close and seal the box and write the request number in a visible location on the box.

3. Recovering the data from your hard drive.

When your hard drive is received at our laboratory, the first thing we do is diagnose the problem free of charge and provide you with a fixed price quote.

Once you accept our quote, our technicians will start to recover the data from your hard drive. Once your hard drive is stabilised, we will send you a list of the recovered files. Up to this point, you pay nothing!

If you approve the list, we will copy the data recovered from your hard drive to a new device selected by you when you approved the quote, which will be delivered to you at no additional cost.

We recover the data from the hard drives of any type of operating system 

This type of hard drive is the one most commonly used in desktops or PCs, although they can also be found in external hard drives or RAID systems.

The leading manufacturers of this type of hard drive are Western Digital, Seagate and Toshiba. These three manufacturers have acquired other brands including Hitachi, which was acquired by Western Digital, Fujitsu by Toshiba and Samsung and Maxtor which were acquired by Seagate.

Recover 3.5'' hard drives
These hard drives, which are smaller than the 3.5” size, are used in laptop computers and also in external storage devices. Their smaller size facilitates mobility.

These hard drives are manufactured by the same companies that make the 3.5” size: Western Digital, Hitachi, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Seagate and Samsung.

Recover 2.5'' hard drives
External hard drives are devices composed of a hard disk enclosed in a box or housing that protects the disk and which also provides it with a series of connectivity functionalities. The most commonly used connection in external hard drives is the USB port, since this type of connection is common to multiple computing devices.

There are many companies that make these types of devices. Some, like  Western Digital, Toshiba, Hitachi o Seagate make both the hard disk and the external housing or case. Others have specialised in designing and manufacturing the external cases that hold the hard disks made by other companies. Some of the most well-known manufacturers are: LaCie, Iomega, Apple, Woxter, Verbatim, Buffalo, Sony, HP, Asus, Freecom, Conceptronic, Transcend, LG, Inves, Adata, Captiva, CnMemory, G-Technology, Intenso, Platinum, Sharkoon, Super Talent, Trekstor, etc.

Recover an external hard drive
These are hard disks installed in external cases with special features that can be connected to televisions, monitors, projectors, etc. in order to play all kinds of multimedia content. Multimedia hard drives have USB connections for recording the data. Different types of connections can be used to reproduce the data including the old RCA connectors, euroconnectors and HDMI.

The most well-known manufacturers of multimedia hard drives are: Iomega, Woxter,  WD, SeagateLacie, EMTEC, Freecom, Conceptronic, Inves, NVICO and Storex.

Recover multimedia hard drive