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Data recovery

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Hard drive data recovery

hard drive

More than 14 years recovering data from all hard drive brands and formats: 1.8”, 2.5”, 3.5”.

Flash memory data recovery

Flash memory

We are pioneers in technical research to recover data from memory cards, USBs, pendrives and all kinds of flash memory storage.

Smartphones and Tablets data recovery

Smartphones and Tablets

More than 14 years recovering data from all hard drive brands and formats: 1.8”, 2.5”, 3.5”.

RAID data recovery

RAID / NAS /SAN data recovery

Our highly qualified technical staff is skilled at recovering data from any type of RAID system.

Server data recovery

server data recovery

We have professionals who specialise in recovering data from all types of server environments, NAS or SAN type network storage servers.

SSD data recovery

SSD data recovery

We have a high success rate recovering data from Solid-State Drives (SSD).

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What is data recovery?

When we talk about data recovery we’re talking about all of the processes involved in accessing, extracting and/or recomposing the information in a damaged data storage device.  Only companies like Recovery Labs that have the right equipment, highly skilled professionals and the necessary technology can provide guaranteed data recovery.

How data gets lost

disk_data_recoveryThere are many reasons why data may be lost, including involuntary formatting, computer viruses, system blocking, mechanical breakdown, voltage surges, knocks, fire, flood, etc.  Immediate correct diagnosis is key to determining whether or not the data can be recovered, since one wrong move can aggravate the situation and render any attempt to recover the data useless. Thanks to years of experience, we are able to respond effectively to any situation.

How do we recover the data?

We understand how valuable your information is to you and the problems that not being able to access the information can cause. That is why we use a totally personalised process adapted to your particular needs to recover your data.

You will find the details of how we work in each case in the sections that describe each one of our services, but the basic steps common to all of our data recovery services are as follows:

We offer a free diagnosis within 6 hours of receiving your device in our laboratories (except evenings and/or weekends). The diagnosis indicates the scope of the problem, the viability of recovering the data and a quote. A non-disclosure agreement is enclosed with the diagnosis.
At that point, you decide if you wish to proceed with the data recovery service.

  • Continuation of the process: If you wish to proceed with the data recovery you will need to accept the quote and sign the contract. There is no payment required at this time; you are merely agreeing to make the payment once the data recovery is complete.
  • Cancellation of the process: If you do not wish to proceed with the data recovery, your hard drive will be sent to our Free Recycling Programme (FRP) at no charge, unless you specifically request its return.
Once you accept our quote, our laboratory starts work on the data recovery. Once the technicians have stabilised your device, we will send you a list of the recoverable files, if possible. If you agree with the files that can be recovered, we will then proceed to record the data on a new medium.
Once the data recovery is complete, we will send you the recovered information on the device that you selected when you accepted the quote

The advantages of our data recovery service

With more than twelve years of data recovery experience, at Recovery Labs we are proud of our excellent customer service. Some of the many advantages of our data recovery services include:

Personalised attention

We offer personalised attention during the entire data recovery process.

Recovery Labs has a highly qualified customer service staff who can answer all your questions about the loss of your data.

In addition, when we receive a data recovery request we assign a specific technician to your case who will personally guide you through the entire process.


We guarantee the very highest level of confidentiality as far as your contact information and the information stored in the damaged device are concerned.

Recovery Lab´s data recovery service protocols are designed so that the relationship between the data and the client is unknown to the technician and the security surrounding the entire data recovery process makes it impossible for the data to leave the laboratory on any physical or electronic medium.

Our laboratory is equipped with advanced security systems to guarantee the confidentiality of your data.

As fast as you need

We recover your data as fast as you need.

Our experience recovering data has enabled us to optimise our services, improving recovery times year after year.

In addition, in order to offer you the fastest and most effective solution, we keep a wide range of devices in stock (more than 20,000 hard drives and growing) that can be used as replacement parts as needed.

High quality

We guarantee a high level of quality in all our data recovery services.

All of our work protocols are reviewed annually to ensure that they meet the requirements of ISO 9001:2008.

Furthermore, in order to guarantee the very best quality of our service and the highest rate of recovered files, the R+D Department of Recovery Labs develops its own specific tools for each situation.

Protect the data in your device

b4recovery_data_recoveryWith b4Recovery your device will be “protected” for a year. In the event of a data loss, your data will be recovered by the leading computer data recovery laboratory.
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We recovery data from all kinds of files

data_recovery_technicianThanks to our R+D+I investment and the efforts of the Recovery Labs staff, at our facilities we recover data from all kinds of files. We provide you with a free diagnosis and quote. Don’t settle for less.
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