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Our laboratory is equipped with cutting edge
technology : Clean Room ISO 7 (10.000 Class)
equipped with laminar flow (100 and 10 class)

Recovery Lab

Hard drive Recovery LabHard drive Recovery Lab.
Technology is one of the main assets we count on at Recovery Labs. To be able to evolve according to the IT demands, we have a R & D department in charge of investigating and developing new data recovery techniques. Besides, we have the only data recovery laboratory in Spain, equipped with state of the art technology, certified with ISO 9001:2008 certification.

All or know how in the data recovery field is the result of years of investigation, trials, tool development, information contrasts, innovation and continuous development of proprietary knowledge, with the aim of giving the best possible service to our customers.

The premises at Recovery Labs are set over more than 500 metre squared, where almost half of the space is destined to the data recovery laboratory. These premises are essential when you want to effect a data recovery with guarantees. Few companies in the world have a laboratory equipped with state of the art technology, and Recovery Labs is one of them.

This competitive advantage allows for a differentiation with other sector companies, since we do not subcontract the data recovery service to another laboratory, with its subsequent time and cost savings.

Clean rooms provide an environment free of particles in suspension

In data recovery, one of the most important sections is the clean room. In our laboratory we have a ISO 7, (10.000 class). Within it are found two LAMINAR FLUX cabins, one ISO 5, class 100 * and the other ISO 5, class 10, for diagnostics. Annually, external test laboratory and certified by the state agency ENAC , review the hall and booths to check that exceed the conditions imposed by the ISO standard.

* (This means that for every m3 of air, can be no more than 100 particles having a diameter greater than 0.005 microns).

The purpose of this clean room is to provide the technicians with a particle free environment, with a permanent control of temperature and relative humidity. This is accomplished through an independent air conditioning system .The need for such an environment is due to the nature of the work performed in it. The companies that do not have a laboratory with this type of chamber, and proceed to open devices in it, endanger the possibilities of data recovery.

All the laboratory area is protected against ESD. Also, the technicians, when manipulating devices, use special clothing to ESD and wrist bands with a ground wire.

The clean room is distributed into 2 independent rooms. Lighting is daylight, its floor antistatic and is protected by airtight panelling and flooring.

More than a Recovery Lab

Besides these premises, to be able to accomplish a data recovery with guarantees, we need specific tools and applications. In many cases, they are developed for a specific brand and model, since our laboratory has the capacity to generate new solutions ad hoc, using very complex materials and techniques to manufacture them. This is due to the diversity of makers and device models.

Recovery  Labs´ R&D department and data recovery laboratory own state of the art instrumentation and equipment: a Tektronix TDS 7254 digital oscilloscope, with a band width, Fluke 189 digital multimeters, high performance Phillips RLC PM 6306 gauges, ultrasonic cleaning devices, high end soldering station, etc. And all these managed by experts who can then, proceed to recover data in any device no matter how complex is the damage.

Security matters at Recovery Labs

Because safeguarding the proper conduct of our work it is essential for us.

The recovery lab has security systems, such as restricted access, electronic locks with access keys, surveillance cameras, 24 hour manned security, etc. Besides, Recovery Labs uses a working protocol that separates automatically the customer’s data from the data contained in the storing device, shielding the work process from data leaks.