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Contractually guaranteed confidentiality

The process of recovering data from hard disks and other devices used by Recovery Labs is protected by a confidentiality protocol that guarantees the strictest protection of your information. This is a guiding principle of our work and the services we render.

  • Contractually-agreed confidentiality. The contracts that Recovery Labs signs with its clients contain a confidentiality clause that guarantees the confidentiality of information at all levels: from personal information to the recovered information to the client’s very identity.
  • Identity protection. Discretion is paramount in our company’s communications. Recovery Labs only cites as references those customers who have given prior authorisation for their identities to be revealed.
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement. Companies that have a working relationship with Recovery Labs enter into contracts that provide exclusive legal protection. The confidential relationship is regulated in a contract that ensures that the most sensitive information is protected.

 “… the parties agree that any information or material provided by either party to the other in the course of their collaboration will be strictly confidential and will be treated as such by the other party and its employees, expressly undertaking to respect and enforce such confidentiality, using any and all devices, measures and procedures as may be necessary to protect the CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION…”

  • Work protocols that separate the data-client relationship. To guarantee that your information is protected, the work procedures used by Recovery Labs to render its data recovery services are designed so that the data-client relationship is unknown by our technicians. The team of experts who work in our laboratory are focused, first and foremost, on the “physical” recovery of the data and have no need to access the recovered files.
  • Security systems protect our facilities. Our laboratory is protected by advanced security systems to safeguard the confidentiality of your data: access control, electronic locks that require passcodes, surveillance cameras, 24-hour security guards, etc.

Through all of these efforts combined we are able to safeguard our work processes and guarantee the protection of our clients’ information.

  • Certified deletion of information from server. Once the time allotted for the review of the work and possible claims has elapsed, Recovery Labs proceeds with the secure erasure of the data recovered to the company’s servers. Our secure data erasure software has obtained Common Criteria international computer safety certification.
  • Personal Data Protection Act. At Recovery Labs, we are aware of how important the issue of personal data protection can be when it comes to engaging our services. All of the data we process and all of the electronic communications we send comply with the terms of the Personal Data Protection Act number 15/1999 of 13 December Official Gazette of 14/12/1999) and Law 34/2002 of 11 July on Information Society Services and e-commerce (Official Gazette 12/07/2002).
data recovery from hard drives and other devices

Managed back-ups: encrypted information, guaranteed confidentiality

At Recovery Labs we have rigorous protocols in place to ensure the confidentiality of your data at all times. We use a complex encryption system to prevent your data from being accessed by anyone, not even Recovery Labs personnel!

Our fully-managed process guarantees the integrity, confidentiality, availability and authenticity of your data.