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Forensic Computer Analysis

Forensic Computer Analysis. Obtain your computer forensics reports in three easy steps

1. Request a free quote for our computer forensics service

For information on our computer forensics services, call us and one of our specialized computer forensics agents will prepare a personalised quote for you.

In order to provide you with a personalised quote, the following aspects must be defined in advance:

  • The purpose of the forensic investigation
  • The viability of the forensic investigation
  • The procedure to be followed to extract and safeguard the evidence
  • Deadline for completion and report submission

The estimate for the computer forensics service includes the cost of:

  • The work needed to obtain the evidence
  • The laboratory work during the investigation
  • The preparation of the expert report
  • Any travel expenses incurred.

Request an estimate now by calling (0)20 7108 6218.

2. Conducting the computer forensics research

In order to conduct the forensics research, we must first transport the items that are the object of the investigation to the Recovery Labs laboratory. To do so there are a number of options available depending on your needs. If necessary, one of our computer experts can come to your premises to collect the key items and transport them to the Recovery Labs laboratory. This guarantees the chain of custody ensures maximum security and confidentiality.

Once the equipment is in our laboratory, our computer expert conducts an exhaustive analysis, keeping a record of the tests conducted and the results obtained.

3. Presentation of the expert report

When the forensic investigation is complete, the computer expert prepares a report detailing the entire procedure and the conclusions reached.

The expert report is sent to the client on paper and in digital format.

Court testimony:

If necessary, at the client’s request the computer expert who drafted the report can testify in court as to the conclusions of his or her investigation.

The courts accept the methodology used by Recovery Labs experts because the examination process conducted in the laboratory does not alter the information stored in the computer equipment. This guarantees that the electronic evidence is preserved in perfect conditions. Furthermore, the strict forensic computer protocol developed by Recovery Labs guarantees the security, the authenticity and the chain of custody of the evidence from the time we take possession of it until it is presented in court.

Forensic Computer Analysis in data recovery

computer_forensic_Recovery LabsThe computer forensics service offered by Recovery Labs has a clear advantage over other services. As experts in computer data recovery, we can go further in the forensic analysis of the devices since, in most cases, it is critical to recover the data stored in the devices involved in the  forensic investigation.

Not only that, but thanks to our experience in secure wipe we are able to detect cases of fraudulent data erasure.

Certified computer forensics services

Recovery Labs is the first company in Spain to receive ISO 9001:2008 quality certification for our computer forensics services as well as our data recovery and secure wipe services.


As Computer Forensics experts, at Recovery Labs we want to share our knowledge of IT crimes with all types of users in order to aid in their detection and prevention. To do this, we have a specialised website where users can learn more about the types of cybercrimes, the laws that govern them and the entities and bodies working to combat them.