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Data Recovery

Hard drive data recovery

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What our cuestomers are saying

Due to the importance of information, we decided
to contact with the data recovery company
RECOVERY LABS S.A. Their professional staff were
able to recover all files that had been saved
during the flight. And they did it in record time.

...would like to thank RECOVERY LABS for
recovering the information contained on a damaged
hard drive. Based on the professionalism and
celerity with which we were treated as customers,
we are pleased to recommend their services.

..we want to leave proof of the technical
human resources of the Technical Department of
RECOVERY LABS S.A., that were able to recover
data that we had initially thought were lost,
quickly and effectively.

...our most sincere gratitude for a well done
job. And a hearty recommendation to anyone
finds themselves, in the unfortunate situation
of needing to recovery lost data.

Even though it was not possible to recover the
information from our disks, they acted quickly,
responding to our emergency situation, keeping us
informed at all times and taking all of the
necessary technical steps.

The professionalism of the staff and the
company’s fast response merit our recognition
and recommendation. From the Education
Commission, we will definitely recommend the
company to other areas.

Data recovery

Hard drive data recovery

hard drive data recovery

We use the most highly-advanced technology to safely recover the data from your hard drive with all guarantees.

Flash memory recovery

flash memory data recovery

Thanks to our continuous investment in R+D, we are able to offer a high rate of flash memory data recovery.

SSD data recovery

SSD data recovery

We use innovative techniques to recover data from Solid-State Drives (SSD).

RAID / NAS / SAN Data Recovery

RAID / NAS /SAN data recovery

We have extensive experience recovering data from RAID, NAS and SAN systems.

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Urgent data recovery service

urgent data recoveryUrgent data recovery service.

We offer priority service for the recovery of data as quickly as you need it.

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