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We guarantee proper recycling of the materials
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We respect the European legislation

Social Commitment

Social action

It is especially gratifying for the Discovery Labs staff to know that through our work, in addition to keeping our customers satisfied, we can also contribute to social development. Our company is especially interested in supporting projects designed to restore people’s hope.  Learn about some of the projects we work on and how they help!

Music to Save Lives 

Music to Save Lives is an NGO that is helping orphans in Uganda to create a future for themselves, using music to develop their many talents.

Learn more about the organisation at

Donation of computer equipment to the Institute for Ancient Egyptian Studies (I.E.A.E.) for the Sen-en-Mut Project

The I.E.A.E., or Institute for Ancient Egyptian Studies, is a non-profit scientific institution founded in Madrid in June 1997 that is dedicated to the investigation, preservation, conservation and dissemination of Ancient Egyptian heritage.

Recovery Labs collaborates with the Complutense University of Madrid, the Ministry of Culture and UNESCO, among others, on the Sen-en-Mut Project.


The Environment

At Recovery Labs we try to be true to our business mission and culture. To this end, we have developed a series of programmes that help us to maintain our commitment to society and environment.

Commitment to the Environment

At Recovery Labs, recycling is part of our business. As a company that handles electric and electronic products, we are aware of the need to have a meticulous system in place to recycle the materials in the devices that we deal with on a regular basis in order to minimise their impact on the environment.

We collaborate with authorised recycling companies

In connection with this commitment, at Recovery Labs we collaborate with different official waste management companies such as Recytel that are authorised by the Madrid Chamber of Commerce to “manage electric and electronic waste and the hazardous waste generated as a consequence of handling such items”, as required by the laws in force.**

These companies are endorsed by:

  • AENOR environmental certification
  • ISO 1004:2004 certification by the Madrid Chamber of Commerce
  • Certification of EMAS registration.

**Schedule I of RD 208/2005 of 25 February.  Spanish law on Electric and Electronic Waste  following the changes made by the European Union to the law regulating this matter in the European Community, Directive 2002/96/CE.

Free Recycling Program (FRP)

Recytel_data recoveryRecovery Labs has developed the Free Recycling Programme (FRP) to recycle the equipment sent to us by our clients after it has suffered a data loss, when it is no longer usable or is considered unsafe for storing information.

Once the data recovery process is complete and original device no longer needs to be kept on deposit, it is registered in the Recycling Programme which is completely free of charge. This service guarantees the eraseure or destruction of the all data stored in the different storage devices, which ensures the safety and confidentiality of your information at all times.