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Adaman BSD: information removal software

Adaman BSD is an information removal software that allows the computer user to easily perform secure and immediate files, folders and entire logical drives erased and the contents of the Recycle Bin . The information removal software Adaman BSD increases the protection of a computer system, helping users and system administrators to maintain a clean computer information during the residual life of the equipment.

Secure wipe guaranteed with the information removal software Adaman BSD

information removal software. CCN. Adaman BSD.
Adaman BSD
meets all technical requirements contained in the Technical Specification (PPT ) PPT- 30-14100-042-01 reference created by the National Cryptologic Center on November 10, 2003.
Adaman BSD let you comply with any data wipe internationally recognized standards, as: DoD 5220.22-M, NATO Standard, USNavy, NAVSO P-5239-26, etc.

 Information removal software. Adaman BSD.Image_Example

Many organisms uses and recommends Adaman BSD:

  • It is compulsory in Public Administration computers that handle classified information (CCN -STIC -301 Requirements STIC ).
  • It is recommended use by the National Cryptologic Centre, in the other computers in Public Administration.
Information removal software. OTAN Adaman BSD- .
Recovery Labs has been selected, with its product Adaman BSD, to be part of the OTAN authorised products catalogue.  http://www.ia.nato.int/niapc/Product/ADAMAN-BSD_252

Information removal software Adaman BSD FAQs.

How Adaman BSD works?

The information removal software is easily installed using a wizard, and once activated, is resident in the system and ready to operate. It always runs in the background and consumes few system resources.

With Adaman BSD we can forget about creating complicated security rules as it allows immediate ease with deleted through the right button , or simple scheduled tasks.

Through a control panel , only accessible by the computer administrator, you can perform the following operations:

  • set which tasks are to be performed on the computer automatically,
  • set some parameters erasure types ( route delete , erase method , frequency of repetition of the task, etc. ),
  • access to a n archive of operations performed
  • and implement a policy of information removal will be executed regardless of the will or carelessness of the user.

How Adaman BSD makes data wipe?

Adaman BSD, by user request , delete the selected information overwriting it with predefined characters. Adaman BSD provides the ability to set the number of passes of overwriting, allowing compliance with the US Department of Defense erase standard  (DOD 5220.22 -M ).

On which devices BSD Adaman makes Secure Erase?

Adaman BSD recognizes IDE / ATA, SATA Y USB hard drives.