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ISO 9001:2008 Certification

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ISO Quality

iso_9001_renewal_2015_lowISO hard drive data recovery. Recovery Labs is the first company in Spain to obtain certification of its Quality Management System according to ISO standard 9001:2008 for its data recovery, secure data erasure and computer forensic services.

Recovery Labs has made a commitment under its Quality Policy to offer the highest quality service in the data recovery sector. Our efforts in this regard have been recognised after successfully meeting all ISO standard requirements. This is one of numerous acknowledgements of our data recovery services for hard drives and other types of devices


    “… our know-how is of such a level that it meets the stringent standards of the ISO certification process.”

Galo Mateos
Managing Director of Recovery Labs S.A.

Since 27 December 2006, all of our work protocols are reviewed annually to ensure that they continue to meet the requirements of ISO 9001:2008.

We review each and every one of the processes involved in the service cycle:

  • Contact with the customer.
  • Information safety measures in place.
  • Non-disclosure and data protection clauses and processes.
  • Environmental protection and recycling.
  • Tools and equipment used to render our services.