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B4recovery. Data protection.

Protection of Information

b4recovery. Data Protection.Protect your information with b4recovery. Thousands of Recovery Labs clients already enjoy the peace of mind b4Recovery affords in the knowledge that if their information is lost they can access our data recovery service quickly, easily and at no additional cost.

For a very competitive price, b4Recovery offers valuable data protection service worth more than €1,000 on the open market at a reduced cost.

With b4Recovery, your device will be “protected” for one year. If your data is lost, it will be recovered by the leading laboratory in data recovery services.

b4Recovery can be purchased along with your new device through authorised distributors.

What does b4Recovery include?

  • Collection of damaged device (hard drives, smartphones, tablets, etc.)
  • Data recovery process for all kinds of problems.
  • If successful, a new device will be sent to you with sufficient capacity to store the recovered data.
  • 24/7 information on the recovery process
  • Process certified by ISO 9001:2008 quality standard.

Limitations of b4Recovery

  • Does not include the repair of the damaged devices; only the extraction of the data stored in the device.
  • Does not include the recovery and/or restoration of the software programmes.
  • Solid-state hard drives are excluded.
  • Does not include complex storage structures with more than one hard drive.
  • Does not apply to devices that have been improperly manipulated or that do not have the manufacturer’s seal in place.
  • Neither the condition nor the contents of the recovered files will be modified or repaired.

How to proceed in the event of a data loss

To begin the process of recovering your information in the event of a data loss, go to the following website to initiate the service: https://extranet.recoverylabs.com/b4recovery.

As soon as we receive your request, we will initiate the data recovery service, which includes the following steps:

  • Picking up the device and transporting it to the laboratory
  • Recovering the data
  • Returning the recovered data and end of process

We will keep you informed regularly throughout the process. In addition, the information on the b4Recovery website is always up to date.


 b4Recoveryb4Recovery Mobile
Coverage1 Year1 Year
Types of failureAll includedAll included
Protect your Windows, MacOS, Linux…check_ok
Protect youru Android, IOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry…check_ok
Hard drive with recovered datacheck_ok
Pendrive with recovered datacheck_ok
Price ₤ 9,95 ₤ 9,95