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Data Synchronization

Managed data synchronisation services

At Recovery Labs, we have launched our own managed data synchronisation service as a private alternative to DropBox. Would you like to be able to access the latest version of your files from different locations?

Working on the same files in different locations and using different equipment is a very common occurrence today that can get complicated. With our data synchronisation service, you can automatically update two or more files that you need to access from different locations and devices.

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How does data synchronisation work?

  • Access from different devices by installing an agent in each one of the client’s devices (PC, tablet, smartphone).
  • The selected information is sent to a server and from that server it is replicated in all of the devices.
  • The server can be accessed from any device through a website.
  • Changes made to the information from one device are replicated in the rest.
  • Versions and Recycle Bin.

What is included?

  • User registration in the Cloud.
  • Daily tracking of service operation.
  • Email notification in the event of a failure.
  • Corrective actions in case of process failure.
  • Personal notification to user in the event of repeated failures.
  • User support for agent configuration.
  • User support for data access.

Our managed synchronisation services can also be used to house the client’s datacenter.

Request information. One of our agents will assist you as soon as possible in finding the solution that best satisfies your needs.

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