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IT Security

Comprehensive information security. Beyond data recovery

Seguridad InformaticaComputer technology is a necessary tool in the daily lives of people and organizations today and something that influences many aspects and areas of our society. The emergence of and proliferation of technology and the creation of the so-called Information Society have brought about changes in social and economic development on the one hand, but have also opened the door to new ways of harming the interests and fundamental rights of individuals and groups. The intentional and unintentional threats influenced by new technologies can be a real disruption to our lives.

Recovery Labs offers a number of solutions to respond to the threats and vulnerabilities of computer systems and equipment. This section contains information about our information security services.

If you prefer, you can contact us and one of our agents will discuss our solutions with you personally to find the one that best satisfies your needs.

As a result of our experience with both the recovery and the elimination of data and files, Recovery Labs has an Information Security Division that offers comprehensive computer crime investigation services: www.delitosinformaticos.info.

What is an expert report?

An expert report is the document drafted by an IT expert explaining the conclusions reached following the investigation of an IT-related matter.

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Computer Forensics

In early 2000, Recovery Labs began to offer customers a service for which demand was on the rise: computer forensic investigation. Our company put together a team of professionals specialized in data recovery to perform forensic research and investigation.  Since then, many customers have relied on our forensic research services to settle legal matters of this kind.

Adhering to a strict policy of privacy and professionalism, the Recovery Labs technical team offers a full range of investigative services, from technical advice to testifying in court, if necessary.

Secure wipe

Deleting files or even formatting storage devices is not sufficient to guarantee the irreversible erasure of stored information. At Recovery Labs, we are aware of the risk of information leaks that this can pose to businesses and individuals, which is why our R&D Department has developed a number of secure erasure applications to securely and irreversibly delete the information from the devices. These applications meet the rigorous standards of the US Department of Defence.

Computer equipment recycling

Need help recycling your obsolete equipment?

The speed with which ICTs evolve can be overwhelming. The advantages that new technologies offer require us to continuously adapt to the changes in order to be more and more productive. But what do we do with our old computers? Renewing an entire information technology system can be an arduous task.

Recovery Labs offers a comprehensive equipment recycling service overseen by a team of professionals to ensure the secure erasure of your information. In addition, we collaborate with accredited recycling companies like Recytel to ensure that the materials are disposed of properly so as to minimise the impact on the environment.

We handle the entire process which includes:

  • Collecting the old equipment.
  • Transporting it to our facilities.
  • Securely erasing the information. Learn about the secure erasure systems developed by Recovery Labs.
  • Recycling each piece of equipment in accordance with Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE Directive).
  • Final certification.

Learn more about our computer equipment recycling service.

Managed services: backup and synchronization

The loss of information is one of the most serious threats faced by businesses today. Avoid these types of situations. At Recovery Labs, we offer fully-managed data backup and synchronisation solutions that can protect your information against the vulnerability of computer systems.

Our services guarantee the confidentiality, availability, integrity and authenticity of your information.

Learn more about managed solutions for backup and synchronization.