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Recuphoto: recover deleted photos

¿Deleted photos? Recover deleted photos with Recuphoto

Recover deleted or lost photos, with all the guarantees

In Recovery Labs we have delevoped Recuphoto, a photo recovery software that includes a preview of the recovered files. You can recover deleted or lost photos, either by mistake or on a voluntary basis.

Recuphoto is an own developed program that able you to preview in an index panel the recovered photos, giving the maximum guarantees to the customer who can check the recovered files. In this way , you are certain of the result, and you can evaluate the pictures recovered and the integrity presented . Thus ends the process to recover deleted photos.

Recover deleted photos

Where can I find Recuphoto?

Recuphoto is used by our data recovery service, in each cases when the files to recover are photos. Enjoy the benefits of recovering your photo files with this own developed tool, specifically adjusted for customers needs.

Recovery your deleted phots in only three steps:

1. Request free quote to recovery your deleted photos.

We offer you a free diagnosis and quote without any obligation, free of charge.

2. We collect your device free of charge.

Free collect of your device to our lab.

3. We recover data and deleted photos from your device.

We provide personnel, facilities and the most advanced techniques to recover your data and deleted photos. You will have a personalized assistance throughout the process.

Recover deleted photos

Who hasn´t lost photos occasionally? In recent years we have witnessed the launch and development of digital photography at breakneck speed. Citizens have integrated this format to our everyday life: on vacation, family gatherings and in meeting with friends, etc. In short, capture important moments for each of us.

For that reason, the result of our dedication to data recovery and IT security from Recovery Labs, we wanted to find solutions to the sector demands. Our R&D investment has been focused on developing products and tools that meet these requirements. The result of this activity was born Recuphoto, the Recovery Labs photo recovery software recovery.

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Types of cameras

In general, we can classify cameras into three groups:

Ultra compact cameras

They are the most widespread due to its ease of use. Previous knowledge of photography is not required and its small size makes them especially comfortable and easy to carry.

Regarding disadvantages of these cameras : A smaller sensor size (due to their smaller size ) . In addition, although these cameras include increasing functionality, we found more limitations in terms of creativity.

Intermediate Compact Cameras

These kind of cameras are perfect for those who are looking for a more professional finish without a great knowledge in photography.

Its size is slightly larger than the ultra-compact . As a result the sensor may be larger , allowing for greater sharpness and photo quality . Moreover, their lenses are of better quality than the ultra compact and offer more functionality.

Réflex SLR Camera (Single Lens Reflex)

Outside the professional field, it is the most comprehensive type of cameras. Its use is less widespread because it requires advanced knowledge of photography.

Among the main advantages offered: a larger sensor, more features and the ability to complete their duties with a wide range of accessories.