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Call us and start to recover your data
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Managed services

Beyond back-up: Fully-managed back-up copies

An unheeded alert, an unchecked copy, an unverified procedure, etc. These are some of the situations our clients have found themselves in that have opened their eyes to the importance of data recovery services. There are many scenarios in which an unplanned event or a series of simultaneous failures can interrupt a system’s back-up process.

Our managed services are designed to contain these types of situations in which the lack of dedication or monitoring renders the infrastructure or resources useless.

Our back-up services offer a range of fully-managed options that include:

  • Management of the entire back-up process and verification. Clients dedicate their time to running their business and we back up their information.
  • Configuration of copies.
  • Daily review of copies and correction of any incidents observed.
  • Recovery of copies of information if necessary.
  • Monthly reports.
  • The information can be stored on the company’s premises or housed in our cloud: you decide.
  • We can replicate your information on an optional basis, either in our Data Center or at the client’s offices.
  • On an optional basis we can store the disks or tapes in a bunker.

Learn more about our managed back-up copy solutions.

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Adapted to your needs

We know that every case is different and that is why at Recovery Labs we offer different solutions to respond to our clients’ particular needs. Learn more about our managed back-up copy and synchronisation services

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Managed synchronisation services

Maybe what you need is a synchronisation service, a solution that allows you to replicate information in multiple devices. Our synchronisation solutions include:

  • Daily monitoring of the synchronisation process
  • Corrective actions as needed
  • Personal assistance to the user in case of repetitive failure

Learn more about our managed synchronisation service.

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Each contract signed by Recovery Labs and the client includes a clause that guarantees strict confidentiality.

The service protocols used by Recovery Labs are designed so that the transmitted information is encrypted and compressed to prevent unauthorised access.

Our laboratory is equipped with advance security systems to protect the confidentiality of your data.