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Research & Development

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Since its starts, R&D has been a benchmark for Recovery Labs in their work and dedication to data recovery and data recovery from hard disk and all kinds of devices. Therefore, throughout its route she has had an R & D department whose mission is to develop their own tools to develop their business with maximum guarantees and through suitable and safer technique. To this end, our technical team spends much of his time studying existing storage devices on the market and the different operating systems.

Recovery Labs R&D is a cornerstone in the continuing evolution of the techniques used in our laboratory. The emergence of new technologies is a challenge for Recovery Labs team. This team focuses most of his time in research and studying them to the point of developing and implementing new solutions adapted to situations of every moment.

In recent years this division also conducts ad hoc high security applications for different companies and organizations.

The results of this effort are rewarded daily by the recognition of our customers and support certain public administration agencies lend us.