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EraseIT Loop: secure data removal software

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EraseIT Loop is a secure data removal software that securely deletes, definitive and irreversible all information contained on hard drives that are connected to a computer, including the system disk form . EraseIT Loop guarantees that the information is destroyed so that, unlike what happens with the formatted devices, the data recovery is impossible, thus enabling the device safe recovering.

Secure data removal guaranteed with Erase -IT Loop software

EraseIT-Loop based its technical secure data removal in the overwriting of information , preventing therefore the recovery thereof and ensuring safety parameters unattainable by other methods of data removal, as formatting or the deleting files. Secure deletion of data also constitutes an ecological alternative to irreversible methods such as physical destruction of hard drives.
After each deletion EraseIT Loop, the Recovery Labs secure data removal software, generates a Secure Erase report, which will include details of the devices under the operation, and the characteristics and outcome of own erasure process . Recovery Labs issue a secure data removal certificate, in which the authenticity of the process is guaranteed.

EraseIT Loop has been developed in accordance with the strict technical requirements of the National Intelligence Centre, regarding secure data removal processes. It also meets the requirements established by the Department of Defense (DOD ) , for the destruction of computer data.

common_criteria_certificate. secure wipe softwareEraseITLoop has recently been certified by the of the National Cryptologic Certification Centre in accordance with the international standard for computer security certification Common Criteria (EAL 1). Common Criteria certification is recognized by 26 countries including UK , USA , Germany, France and Japan.

Secure data removal software Erase-It Loop FAQs

How do you make sure EraseIT Loop secure data removal?

The process of secure data removal by data erasure EraseIT Loop software is , by default, in two passes through all sectors of the drive: one of overwriting to remove all stored data and another one to read and verify that all data have been removal.

Besides the two predefined overwriting passes, the EraseIT Loop application can be customized to meet any of the secure wipe standards internationally recognized: American Standard Wipe 5220-22.M DoD , NATO Standard , Canadian RCMP TSSIT OPS- II Wipe Standard , BSI (German overwrite standard by Federal Office for Information Security ) , etc.

How long EraseIT Loop erase a hard disk?

Erase data erasure software speed can vary depending on the performance of the device, but the average speed is estimated erased 1GB per minute.

On what devices makes EraseIT Loop secure deletion?

EraseITLoop makes Secure Erase discs with IDE / ATA , SATA , SCSI and USB connections.