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Corporate information

Recovery Labs was born as first specialized laboratory in data recovery from Spain in 1999. Our business development along this time has been overwhelming; we have established ourselves as a leader in data recovery in Spain, and one of the leading international level.

Nowadays, Recovery Labs also offers solutions such as computer forensic investigations, secure wipe, data recovery, hard drive recovery… that have positioned us as a reference IT security storage company.

Data recovery and secure wipe history

In these years working to recovery information from customers around the world, Recovery Labs has experienced significant growth, reaching important enterprise level milestones:
Recovery Labs born as the only data recovery lab in Spain
It is consolidated in the Spanish market shifting its main competitors in hard disk recovery and other devices, and secure wipe.
Recovery Labs presents e- ROL : an application to recover deleted files over the Internet.
Opening offices in Barcelona. Begins its international expansion by opening its first offices in Portugal, Germany and Italy.
Develops a secure wipe application for CNI.
Continues its international expansion in Austria, Switzerland and France. Recovery Labs is the first company in Spain to get ISO 9001: 2000 Certification for its data recovery services (hard disk recovery and other devices), secure wipe and computer expertise.
OTAN includes in its authorised product´s cathalog: Adaman BSD, secure wipe software developed by Recovery Labs.
Spanish Defense Ministry and the of Police and Civil Guard General Management acquire secure wipe software BSD, developed by Recovery Labs.
Recovery Labs strengthens its partnerships with leading hard drive manufacturers Western Digital, Samsung, Toshiba, Lacie and Woxter . Something that positions the company as a leader in hard disk data recovery.
Recovery Labs protects the information from their customers for free during one year by b4recovery.
Recovery Labs offers data recovery service to Worten customers.

Corporate Identity

A whole of some brands define Recovery Labs Identity Corporate.

Recovery Labs Logo


Logo History

International Recovery Laboratories was born as the first and only data recovery laboratory in Spain. This first brand associates the urgent assistance of a medical nature to the world of computing.
After two years of its inception, the company name is shortened to: Recovery Labs. The company starts to be consolidated in the spanish market, displacing the main multinationals that were established by a  comercial base. The identity of the brand is composed by a cross and the logo.
Recovery Labs achieves leadership in the data recovery spanish market and starts to provide its services internationally. The brand only simplifies the logo, projecting the quality and differentiation of our services.

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