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We respect the European legislation

Equipment recycling

Equipment recycling

Recytel. Computer recycling Recovery Labs. Data recoveryRecovery Labs currently provides recycling services for devices to various companies and agencies. The renewal of its computer systems (which increasingly obsolete in a shorter period of time) is a process that involves the dedication of a large number of resources. From Recovery Labs we will help you manage the recycling of obsolete equipment.

Equipment recycling. We handle the entire process:

  • Collection devices.
  • Transfer to our facilities.
  • Secure Wipe certificate information. Learn self-developed systems for secure deletion of Recovery Labs.
  • Recycling of each terminal under the legislation. We work with waste management companies that are backed by AENOR Environmental certification ISO 14001 : 2004 and EMAS certification.
  • Final certification of recycling devices.
Equipment recycling

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The process of recycling devices

Computer recycling parks is a process that includes several phases: Recovery Labs manages the collection , transfer and secure deletion of information that could contain the devices . After the removal of the information , it proceeds to the recycling of the different materials that make up the devices. For this process, Recovery Labs has the support of various waste management companies that are backed by AENOR Environment as Recytel . Company also issue a certificate of recycling waste taking into account the procedure laid down in Directive recycling on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment.

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