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FAQs about data recovery services

Here you can find most frequently asked questions about services in IT Security, data recovery and backup managed services.

1. Why Recovery Labs?

Because Recovery Labs has the first laboratory in Spain equipped with the latest technology and all its processes are certified according to the quality standard ISO 9001 : 2008. We also offer a free diagnosis* without commitment and in less than six hours. We guarantee the confidentiality of your data and thanks to the quality and professionalism of our multidisciplinary team and our services we achieve maximum customer satisfaction .

 * Except for night service / Weekend.

2. How do I send you my device?

Here you can find instructions to make the device packed and shipped safely. If you have questions , call us at 020 710 862 18 where our Customer Service Department will be happy to assist you


It is important to pack your device properly to minimise the risk of damage while being transported to the laboratory.

  • If your hard drive is installed in a desktop computer, remove the damaged device.
  • Carefully wrap the hard drive in static-free material, bubble wrap, foam or similar.
  • Use a rigid box stuffed with cushioning material that is deep enough to protect the hard drive against possible impacts. Place the hard drive in the box and cover with more stuffing material. Make sure the device is securely positioned inside the box to prevent it from shifting during transport.
  • Close and seal the box and write the request number in a visible location on the box.

3. How much would I pay for the data recovery from a hard disk?

Charges for a data recovery vary depending on the type and complexity of the hard disk’s fault. It is necessary to examine the device to be able to establish a diagnose of the fault and evaluate it’s reach and the viability of it’s recovering. This way we could determine an exact budget.

*Except evening- Weekend service.

4. Is it possible to recover deleted photos?

Our data recovery service includes all types of files. In addition , the fruit of our identity and commitment to R & D , our laboratory team has developed Recuphoto . An internally developed software that allows retrieve and view photos with the maximum guarantees.

5. Is it possible to retrieve information from mobile phones?

Of course. From Recovery Labs we maintain a spirit of innovation based on R&D, what have allowed us to adapt to the needs of our customers. We recovery your data from smartphones and tablets of any operating system and whatever the brand of the device. You can retrieve all kinds of information: videos, photos, music, phonebook, messages, emails, recover historical Whats app, text files, spreadsheets, etc.

6. How long will it take to recover mi hard disk?

In the 75% of the cases, the data recovery finalises in an estimated time of 5 days. However, there is a 25% where it is not possible to fix a time for the recovery of a hard disk since, on occasions, we need to ask for spare parts to the manufacturer, the device has a very complex fault or more than a fault at a time, etc.

7. The data recovery process is taking longer than I thought. What might be the cause?

Possibly a new fault has been detected by correcting the main problem of the disk and this has led to a slowdown in the process. However, the terms offered are approximate. We will keep you informed throughout the process. However, in case you want to know something about your device, you can contact one of our agents will attend you personally throughout the process . Our Customer phone is 020 710 862 18.

To find the reasons leading to a delay in the time, we must also bear in mind that, in many cases, we work with devices that come in critical condition and it not allow us to accelerate the data recovery process, and we could force their already depleted capacities and disable the device completely.

8. Will you recover all information?

The data recovery rate is about 85 % and 90 % success. Despite this, experience makes us warn of the existence of a small percentage of unrecoverable fault. However , our R&D is constantly working on finding solutions and tools that help increase the recovery rate of these cases.

9. How will I get my data after recovery process from the hard disk ?

The recovered data will be returned in a DVDs for free ( if the recovered does not exceed 4.7 GB ) or if you prefer in new drives with an additional cost is reflected in the budget. In both cases, we will arrange the shipping amount of data recovery service to the address provided.

10. I have deleted the folders from my recycle bin. Can the data be recovered?

Initially, the data can be recovered. The same happens when a hard disk is formatted.

11. The hard drive has been manipulated. Are they data recoverable?

At first, recovery is still possible. Although 80 % of cases in which information can not be retrieved correspond to forms of improper action by unqualified personnel . To avoid this situation, Recovery Labs, offer a free diagnosis* and apply an additional rate for previously handled on arrival at our laboratory devices.

 * Except for night service / Weekend

12. Why a clean room to examine hard drives?

HDD sealing prevents ingress of particles that interfere with the tiny space between the read and dishes. For this reason, recovery from hard drives that require opening can only be done by companies that own Class 100 cleanroom to ensure an environment free of particles.

13. How can I pay the data recovery service?

We accept four ways os payment: by transfer, by credit card, by shaped heel or by cash.

14. Does Recovery Labs guarantee the confidentiality of the data?

The contract signed between Recovery Labs and its clients includes a clause whereby the strictest confidence, both for data containing the device to retrieve customer data itself is guaranteed. In Recovery Labs, protocols from data recovery service are designed so that the relation data – customer is unknown to our technical and safety surrounding the entire process of data recovery makes it impossible for the data out of the lab nungún physical or electronic means. Our laboratory has advanced security systems to ensure the confidentiality of your data.

15. What is a backup?

A backup is a copy of your important information to a server. In this process the information is compressed, encrypted and sent to a server in the office or cloud of Recovery Labs. In this way, in case of data loss, you can access your backup without taking unnecessary risks.