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FAQs about failures

Here you can find most frequent questions about devices and it´s failures.

1. What happens if my hard disk is under warranty?

Our data recovery process complies with all the prerequisites to keep your disk’s warranty. Manufacturers only permit the maintenance of their devices warranty if the data recovery processes comply with the standards and are performed in the adequate environmental conditions, which only a clean chamber can offer. This is one of the characteristics that can identify a professional data recovery service.

2.What if my system does not even recognize the device?

Do not attempt to restart the computer or reinstall the operating system, it could aggravate the problem. The Recovery Labs´ R&D department is constantly working on the development of tools and programs that allow us to access their information securely and independently.

3. The drive makes an unusual noise . What should I do?

Turn off your computer immediately and do not try to restart or manipulate it. Your disk is probably damaged and suffered a physical breakdown. We must examine the device to make a diagnosis and evaluate the possibility of data recovery. In the symptoms section you can find the most common noise caused by a failed disk.

4. The hard drive crashed by fire , Is it possible to recover the data?

Yes, there is the possibility to extract information, as happens with hard drives damaged in a flood, but the processes to be applied are complex. Only in a laboratory, professional technicians with the right tools, they can determine the extent of damage of the hard drive and the technique to be applied in each case.

5. How do I extract the data retrieved from the hard drive that I have received from Recovery Labs ?

The device only contains the retrieved data. It is not configured as a boot disk for your system. We recommend that you install it as a secondary drive and download the information on another device.

6. Can I reuse the device?

From Recovery Labs we recommend not to use those hard disks that have suffered a loss of data , because it means taking unnecessary risk of further mishap with your information. The purpose of data recovery services to recover your data is not a repair service of the hard disk. In Recovery Labs we adopt recycling as part of our commitment to the environment, so we have developed the free recycling program (FRP) , which may benefit all customers who have not expressly requested a refund of your device , completely free.
If you want any clarification or more information about our data recovery services , please contact our Customer Service Department through the 020 710 862 18 or , we will be happy to help you.