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FAQs about backups

1. Why backup?

The loss of information is one of the main threats that companies face. Your information is one of its most useful assets, so safeguard their integrity is one of the important challenges that face today to ensure business continuity.

Both you and your employees have vital data on your hard drive for the proper development of your company. Losing such information can become a situation with a negative impact for your business and prevent it is easier than you think thanks to managed backup, such as Recovery Labs services.

2. In case of loss of information, how will this affect my business ?

The business continuity is guaranteed. By making backup stores all vital information for your job or business . The tranquility of retrieving information in case of loss , prevent your business stand in case of problems with your data.

3. What information should I save?

It is important to focus on saving information that you have created in your job or your company as letters, reports, accounts, customers, invoices, etc. It is not necessary to save the software installed on your computer, then you already have the disks and CD’s installation previously used.

4. What kind of solutions do I need in my case?

This service is tailored to the needs of your business, choosing the storage space required for your backup depending on the volume of data. In addition, our service will grow with your company as it is fully scalable. Learn more about our solutions for managed security copies.

5. How works Recovery Labs´ managed backup service?

Recovery Labs is responsible for setting their copies. And recovery is as simple as using a Windows Explorer, etc., or call our support so that it restored.

6. How often do we need to make a backup?

Once configured, the backup is done automatically. No need to worry, our software runs automatically and will do for you.

7. Will I have completelly access to my data?

The data access is protected by identifier, password and encryption passphrase . You can have your information from anywhere in the world at any time of day, 365 days a year.

8. How does Recovery Labs´backup be automatised?

Unlike traditional backup systems that require the physical presence of a technician changing external storage units (tapes, CDs, MO, etc. ), our managed service backup is completely automatic. Once we have completed the initial installation and we have defined what you want to save, when and how often, your computer and our server will do the rest, without you having to do anything more than switch on your computer.

9. How often do I need to safe my information?

Every time you want . It´s better to do it daily, Monday through Friday, around the end of the workday.

10. Why outsource backup of my personal equipment?

Outsourced copy allows to increase the security of information in situations of emergency. Also, if a computer is not always in the office, the backup should be outsourced. The other option, to install a device to copy in his office, only justified if it has four or more computers and you can configure your router to accept incoming connections.

11. Who has access to my data?

In Recovery Labs we have strict protocols to ensure maximum confidentiality of your information. Through a complex system of encryption, your information will not be accessible by anyone, neither for the staff of Recovery Labs.

Our work process fully managed, guarantees the integrity, confidentiality, availability and authenticity of the data.

Encryption. At the time when the backup is initiated on your computer, it will begin an encryption process of information, through which your data will be unreadable. A condition that will keep both the sending and storing the same, so that Recovery Labs staff will not have access to them at any stage of the process. Through a private key only you and authorized staff can activate the decryption algorithm that will allow access to its fully intelligible information.

Important note about the Data Protection Act :

Specifically , the Data Protection Act provides that for the treatment of personal data of high level , specific security measures are taken (Royal Decree 1720/2007 of 21 December , approving the Regulations implementing the Organic Law 15 was approved / 1999 of 13 December on the protection of personal data Title VIII , Chapter IV).

Backup and recovery:

It must be kept a backup and recovery procedures of data in a different place than the one where the computers that are treated, etc. , using elements that ensure the integrity and recovery of information.

Telecommunications :

The transmission of personal data through telecommunications networks done encoding such data or using any other mechanism to ensure that the information is not intelligible or manipulated by third parties

12. More backup information

If you or your employees have data on your hard drive both documents as e-mails in Outlook – his working life depends, in a way, some files that are only on those hard drives.

If the company lost important information, that circumstance can become a disaster impact on your business.

And this information resides on a disk is spinning several thousand times per minute. Flying over the disk are the reading heads that read and write hundreds of times per second in response to commands from the computer. Like any mechanical device, the disc has a maximum service life, and that at any moment there may be a power failure, landing heads or mechanical fusion

Recent research claims that 94 % of computer users have experienced a significant loss of data, an average of once a year , and most of these losses are due to equipment failure or human error.

Other risks , no less improbable , are , in the case of a laptop, the possible loss or theft … In the case of PCs or laptops connected to the Internet , consider the risks of a possible virus attack , especially if we have not provided proper protection (firewall , antivirus, etc. ) .

All he then saved from disaster will have copy of your information, and the frequency with which to do so. For the great enemy of backups is lack of discipline.